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Alumni Benefits

Employment Office

If you are looking to change your career path, LinkedIn includes job offers from companies that have come to ESCI-UPF in search of people with an international business profile just like yours. You can also catch up with the latest industry news, take part in discussion forums, etc.

Before you can start to make the most of all the Alumni services and benefits, you need to update your LinkedIn profile. In the education section you should include the information that you studied International Business at ESCI-UPF, and you also need to follow the university group.

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You’ll get 10% off all ESCI-UPF courses, including postgraduate, continuing-education and executive courses.

Exclusive UPF benefits

All ESCI-UPF alumni are free to use UPF facilities whenever they want and they also get a range of discounts.

They also get free, automatic access to the Alumni service during their first year after graduation.

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Lectures and courses

You can come to any ESCI-UPF lectures or courses whenever you want—just let us know.